Capital’s flagship, and the perfect companion beer. A moderately rich malty lager, balanced with moderate hop bittering plus a slight hop zing in the finish.

HOPS – Mount Hood & Cascade

MALTS – Brewers, Caramel Aromatic & Special

OG 12.8%

IBU 28

ABV 5.2%

Classic Wisconsin lager, sporting an American malt profile. Moderate mouth feel, mild bittering and superb drinkability.

HOPS – Northern Brewer

MALTS – Brewer’s, Munich, & Yellow Corn Grits

OG  12.2%

IBU 16

ABV 5.2%

An American wheat style beer meaning a beer with a mild and approachable personality. The wheat from Wisconsin’s Washington Island provides the silky smooth finish.

HOPS – Cascade & Liberty

MALTS – Brewers & Wheat

OG 10.2%

IBU 14

ABV 4.2%

An assertive, yet not overwhelming hop presence, exhibiting an inviting golden hue leading to an understated malt character. The finish being snappy and refreshing.

HOPS – Classic Cascade

MALTS – Brewers, Caramel & Ashburn

OG 12.5%

IBU 38

ABV 4.9%

Rich and full flavored. Somewhat caramely with a moderately dry finish. Exhibiting characteristics of traditional  European Dunkel style beer.

HOPS – Mount Hood

MALTS – Black, Brewer’s, Munich, & Caramel

OG 13.5%

IBU 28

ABV 5.4%

A German inspired pilsner, characterized by a clean, dry, bitter finish alongside a firm maltiness.

HOPS –  Saaz & Northern Brewer

MALTS – Continental & Pilsner

OG 12%

IBU 32

ABV 4.7%

This black ale is the perfect balance of dark roasted malt and bright hop flavors. Even with these bold and complex flavors at the forefront, this beer still has a remarkably clean finish.

HOPS –  Warrior, Nugget, Cascade, Apollo

MALTS – Brewers, Caramel, Roasted Malt

OG 15.5%

IBU 80

ABV 6.5%

Capital's first India Pale Ale has a bright amber hue with an upfront florally citrus hop aroma. Mutiny packs a punch yet remains remarkably drinkable. It's time for a MUTINY from one of Wisconsin's largest independent craft breweries.

HOPS –  Brewers, Caramel

MALTS – Warrior, Cascade, Simcoe, Summet

OG 16.2%

IBU 70

ABV 6.2%

A full bodied beer with a warm amber hue showing off its rich malt heritage. Mildly bittered featuring a hop presence that compliments and rounds out the malt overtones. 

Available November-February

HOPS – Liberty

MALTS – Brewers, Munich, Caramel and Honey

OG 15%

IBU 30

ABV 5.8%

A dark golden hue invites one to an incredibly smooth, confident malt powerhouse.  A quintessential beer experience.

Available February-May

HOPS – Liberty & Hallertau

MALTS – Brewers & Honey

OG 16.2%

IBU 25

ABV 6.2%

Slightly malty and lightly hopped, this clean refreshing golden lager is the perfect beer to quench your thirst on a warm summer's day. One sip and you'll instantly be transported to the serenity of your summer get-away spot...Ours is the Lake House!

Available May-August

HOPS – Mt. Hood

MALTS – 2 Row, Brewers & Munich

IBU 18

OG 12

ABV 4.6%

The mother of all seasonal beers has a firey amber hue with rich malty overtones that dominate the flavor.

Available August-November

HOPS – Liberty

MALTS – Brewers, Munich, Caramel & Aromatic 

OG 14%

IBU 24

ABV 5.5% 

Although a true malt monster, the point is made in a subtle fashion. Hop character is subdued, the goodness of the grain dominates.

HOPS – Liberty

MALTS – Brewers & Caramel

OG 19%

IBU 26

ABV 7.8%

Alluring and intriguing, it is a legendary doppelbock with malt complexities hinting at dark fruits & mysterious sugars.

HOPS – Hallertau & Mittelfruh

MALTS – Brewers, Munich & Honey

OG 19.4%

IBU 28

ABV 7.8%

Six unique hops give this big beer an assertive bitterness and up front hop aroma. All the hops are balanced by a subtle but noticeable malt sweetness. Sit down, strap in, and enjoy the ride... You are about to be CAPSIZED!

ABV 9.4%

The third installment of Eternal Flame has gone unexpectedly dark! But don't fret, it burns hotter than ever. This Imperial Stout is brewed with 6 different malts and is infused with roasted cocoa nibs and habanero peppers to give it additional layers of complexity. It is certain to warm your tastebuds.

ABV 8.8%

Pumpkinataur pours a dark copper color. Bold cinnamon and pumpkin aroma with a pinch of nutmeg. Creamy pumpkin palate. Easy drinking with sweet fantastic flavors.

ABV 7.5%

This unique doppelbock packs a punch of apple flavor. The tart crispness of the apples is balanced with just enough malt sweetness to make this big beer dangerously smooth. Prepare yourself... You are about to be engulfed by the APPLEANCHE! Malt beverage brewed with Apple.

ABV 7.7%

Malted barley lends to the depth of malt character that is balanced out by some hop bittering & the addition of candied sugars.

HOPS – Liberty

MALTS – Brewers, Aromatic, & Honey

OG 21%

IBU 28

ABV 9%

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